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Top 3 Tasty Cloud Fourth of July E-Liquids

Now that the 4th of July is almost here, it's time to stock up on yummy e-liquids that boast seasonal flavors that can be enjoyed throughout the festivities of the weekend. These three vape juices from Tasty Cloud Vape Co. will help you celebrate 4th of July in style by providing your palate with the tastes that you crave during this beloved holiday. Fourth of July E-Liquid #3: Peach CruiserIf you want to welcome the glorious summertime weather with seasonal flavors, this e-juice is the way to go. Juicy, ripe Georgia peaches provide you with the taste of your favorite summertime fruit while smooth, creamy yogurt refreshes you with its dazzling tang. Every inhale delights the tongue with the tangy taste of...

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Top 3 Fourth of July E-Juices from Tasty Cloud

Few holidays make us feel as festive as the Fourth of July. As we celebrate our country's independence, we surround ourselves with our best buds and enjoy the warm summer weather. This Independence Day, you should be equipped with yummy vape juices that capture the spirit of the holiday.

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From One Pull to Another

The way individuals inhale from a vaping device plays a significant role in their experience. A pull or draw of vapor can mimic one delivered by a traditional cigarette. Vapor can also be taken directly into the lungs for a bigger exhale. The pull you choose is dependent on several factors, and you should know if you are using the right one to achieve your goal.Mouth Hits in VapingThe mouth pull, or mouth hit, is by far the most popular among users of e-cigarettes. The reason for this is that a mouth hit resembles the pull taken from a real cigarette. Vapor from the device is taken into the mouth and held there. After a period, the vapor in the...

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Science Continues to be Key for Vaping

Vaping is a hot topic in the medical and science fields, mostly due to the astounding impact it has had on helping traditional cigarette smokers stop intaking as much tobacco in a fast period. However, there is still a large debate on the effects of secondhand vapor intake, much like there was on the effects of secondhand cigarette smoke intake. Some scientists worry that there are unseen effects, while others have definitively said there are no effects. Fortunately, most of the work so far suggests that secondhand vapor consumption is not harmful.One of the potential concerns of secondhand vapor consumption is that the intake of smoke can deposit small particulate matter in the lungs. These particles could then induce inflammation...

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