Top 3 Fourth of July E-Juices from Tasty Cloud

Top 3 Fourth of July E-Juices from Tasty Cloud

Few holidays make us feel as festive as the Fourth of July. As we celebrate our country's independence, we surround ourselves with our best buds and enjoy the warm summer weather. This Independence Day, you should be equipped with yummy vape juices that capture the spirit of the holiday.


Below, you'll find 3 e-liquids perfect for your July Fourth vaping festivities:


Independence Day E-Juice #3: Skyline

The ultimate treat for anyone who wants to indulge in a summer-inspired dessert flavor after eating burgers all day. This vape juice consists of a pineapple upside-down cake that's coated in a crunchy crust that's made with smooth hazelnuts and sweet coconut flakes. As you inhale, the pineapple and coconut flavors are instantly apparent, making you feel like you're in paradise. The tang of the pineapple becomes sweeter and sweeter as that caramelized sugar comes through. Then, you'll taste that glorious cake base. On the exhale, the hazelnut flavor emerges with its buttery and savory notes as the brown sugar clings to your sweet tooth. 

Independence Day E-Juice #2: Dragonaire

The perfect flavor to hit when you've been spending hours beneath the hot July sun. This vape juice cools you off thanks to its blend of dragon fruit, cantaloupe, candied watermelon and cold menthol. The fruity flavors rejuvenate you while the menthol chills your tongue. With every inhale, the gloriously crisp taste of ripe dragon fruit refreshes you right away. As the dragon fruit tickles your tongue, the cantaloupe flavor emerges with its delectably smooth taste. Then, candied watermelon makes the mouth water. Each exhale delivers a hit of pure, intense menthol. 

Independence Day E-Juice #1: Melrose

A beverage-inspired treat that's perfect for summertime vaping. The blend of limeade and exotic lychee juice is perfect for a long day spent sitting beneath the sun. As you inhale Melrose vape juice, that sharp lime taste runs down your throat, thrilling you with its tart and zesty notes. Then, the crisp lychee flavor adds delightful complexity. With each exhale, the sweetness of this flavor dominates. 

Have Some Vaping Fourth of July Fun!

You can't go wrong with vaping any of these flavors as you celebrate the holiday weekend ahead.

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