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Tasty Cloud's Top 3 Best Sellers of 2017

When you can't decide on what to get with with so many choices, you are most likely won't be wrong on getting one of the best sellers. From a satisfying flavor from cakery, to a well-known menthol classic, and to a perfected flavor from Fixx-E. We take a look at Tasty Cloud's best sellers of 2017.BIRTHDAY BASH This wasn't a surprise, Birthday Bash became an instant hit on the cakery line, It's ѕimрlу likе a tasty сut of birthday саkе. You саn taste lауеrѕ оf сrеаmу vаnillа саkе with rаinbоw ѕрrinklеѕ and sweet ѕрrеаd cream iсing tо finiѕh еvеrуthing. Indееd, еvеn with it being ѕtuffеd loaded with ѕwееt flаvоr, itѕ ѕtill sufficiently light to bе utilizеd as аn аll day vape....

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Vaping E- Liquids

The experience of vaping Vaping is a full body experience.  There are the flavors that dance upon your taste buds and smells that both soothe and excite.  The anticipation of the aroma and the joy it brings, whets your appetite. You see, vaping is really about the richness and culmination of sensory fulfillment--whether using a vape pen, cannabis vaporizer, or vape mod. Why use a liquid vape For years, this experience was only possible with nicotine cigarettes.  Enter, the vaped e- cigarette. There are many who prefer to use dry herbs when they vape, but liquid vape provides full bodied flavor, hardly any residue on the fingers, is smokable in almost every indoor and outdoor location, and provides you with...

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It's World No Tobacco Day, and for a lot of vapers, that day can feel pretty meaningful. Vaping has provided a way for a lot of people to wean themselves off of cigarettes and reduce the harmful habit of smoking. While the research is still being done for vaping as a smoking cessation device, we know that many of our customers have successfully quit the habit. To celebrate, we've collected stories from those willing to share about how they've used vaping to say NO to tobacco! We hope you enjoy these as much as our team did (a lot of us definitely identified with these stories, and we think you will too). Stories have been slightly edited for typos :) ...

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New apparel!

If you've met Team Tasty Cloud at ECC or any of the other trade shows we've attended, you've probably walked away with a new Tasty Cloud shirt or a Fixx-E hat. While we've previously only had our apparel available at trade shows, we're excited to announce that we'll be slowly introducing hats, shirts, and more to our online store! Black Tasty Cloud snapbacks.Picture by Aaron Toddamon. Red Fixx-E snapback (also available in yellow, orange, and blue). Picture by Aaron Toddamon. Tasty Cloud crop tops.Pictures by Alphine Mapa.   Right now we've only listed the crop tops (available here!), but we have plans to add the other items very, very soon! Plus we're celebrating our new release - use coupon code...

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