Top 3 Summertime E-Liquid Flavors from Tasty Cloud Vape Co

Top 3 Summertime E-Liquid Flavors from Tasty Cloud Vape Co


At Tasty Cloud Vape Co, you'll find an enormous variety of premium e-liquids that deliver absolutely intoxicating flavors. Now that the summer weather has arrived, it's time to check out the summer-inspired treats that we have to offer.

These 3 e-juices offer seasonal flavors that allow you to make the most of the summer season whenever you hit your MOD:


Summertime E-Liquid #3: Dragonaire

Any vaper who craves seasonal fruits when the summer comes around must grab a bottle of this e-liquid. It tastes like the summery flavors that refresh on those hot days. Dragon fruit, cantaloupe, candied watermelon and cold menthol team up to rejuvenate you from head to toe. Every inhale arouses your taste buds with the clean, crisp taste of fresh, ripe dragon fruit. The flavor instantly satisfies your thirst as a stream of smooth cantaloupe juice runs down the tongue. A blast of candied watermelon appears on the palate before icy menthol cools you off on the exhale.  Summertime E-Liquid #2: The Goods

A thirst-quenching smoothie that consists of juicy strawberries and sweet bananas. This fruity cocktail will keep your thirst at bay during the warm months ahead. The creaminess of this smoothie flavor will linger between puffs. When you inhale, a splash of tart and tangy strawberry juice lands on your tongue. As the strawberry flavor becomes sweeter, that sweet and creamy banana flavor flows over your taste buds. On the exhale, these two flavors marry as the creaminess soaks the palate.  Summertime E-Liquid #1: Peach Cruiser

When you take a puff of this summer delight, you'll be treating yourself to one of the most beloved fruits of the season. Juicy peach slices are lovingly folded into the richest, creamiest yogurt that you've ever had. Each hit seduces you with its silky, juicy splendor. As you inhale, the tang of the peaches captivates your tongue. Then, the yogurt's tang seals the deal. The creaminess of the yogurt bathes your taste buds before the sweetness of the peach flavor comes through on the exhale.  Grab These Summertime Vape Juices Today!

These flavors from Tasty Cloud Vape Co will satisfy you all summer long with the luscious tastes of the season you’ve come to know and enjoy.

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