From One Pull to Another

The way individuals inhale from a vaping device plays a significant role in their experience. A pull or draw of vapor can mimic one delivered by a traditional cigarette. Vapor can also be taken directly into the lungs for a bigger exhale. The pull you choose is dependent on several factors, and you should know if you are using the right one to achieve your goal.

Mouth Hits in Vaping

The mouth pull, or mouth hit, is by far the most popular among users of e-cigarettes. The reason for this is that a mouth hit resembles the pull taken from a real cigarette. Vapor from the device is taken into the mouth and held there. After a period, the vapor in the mouth is exhaled. 

The benefits of using a mouth hit is that less vapor contacts the throat. There is less chance of scratchiness in the throat or coughing because of inhaling vapor. The disadvantage of a mouth pull is that it results in less vapor being inhaled. This makes a mouth hit unfavorable for vapers who like to cloud chase. 

Direct Hits in Vaping

The direct pull is also known as a lung hit. This is the type of pull used by individuals who want to exhale large clouds of vapor. It is somewhat rare to see the average user of e-cigarettes take a direct pull. This method is used far more often by those who use MODs capable of producing large vapor clouds. 

The person who chooses a direct pull is probably an experienced vaper. They probably even have experience building their own devices like atomizers and coils. It is also likely that they are no stranger to cloud chasing competitions. This events award recognition to modders who can produce the biggest clouds of vapor.

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a direct hit is the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. It is best to use an e-juice with a lower concentration of nicotine. 6mg would be an ideal consistency, but anything below 12mg is suitable. The reason for this is that a direct pull takes the vapor right into the lungs. Too much nicotine can irritate the throat and cause coughing.

A direct hit is accomplished by inhaling in a manner like taking a natural breath. The vapor enters the mouth and proceeds down to the lungs where it is held for a moment before exhaling. This is how some long-time smokers also inhale.

Note: The PG/VG ratio from the e-liquid will also play a factor in how you pull, and the throat hit you want to achieve and/or clouds you want to produce.

Choosing the Right Vape Pull
It should be stated that for most vapers a mouth pull will suffice. They will have no desire to move beyond this form of vaping. There is nothing wrong with that if the individual is satisfied. 

If you have tried to stop using tobacco products and had some success, using a vaporizer and a mouth hit could help you manage cravings. You can even adjust the level of nicotine as you make progress toward quitting. Some e-juices even eliminate nicotine altogether. A mouth hit for you will be just fine because it helps to satisfy the urge. 

Those who are still heavy users of nicotine will probably prefer a direct pull. It delivers a stronger concentration of nicotine to the system on each draw. This type of pull will also appeal to you if you are into the vaping culture. Producing big vape clouds is a part of that culture and can even be something of a status symbol. 

Being able to choose a mouth pull or direct pull is just one example of how vapers can customize their experience. The only right way to hit the device is the way that works best for you.

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