Vaping E- Liquids

The experience of vaping

Vaping is a full body experience.  There are the flavors that dance upon your taste buds and smells that both soothe and excite.  The anticipation of the aroma and the joy it brings, whets your appetite. You see, vaping is really about the richness and culmination of sensory fulfillment--whether using a vape pen, cannabis vaporizer, or vape mod.

Why use a liquid vape

For years, this experience was only possible with nicotine cigarettes.  Enter, the vaped e- cigarette. There are many who prefer to use dry herbs when they vape, but liquid vape provides full bodied flavor, hardly any residue on the fingers, is smokable in almost every indoor and outdoor location, and provides you with the ability to enjoy your vape over and over again.

Choosing the right vape pen

In order to get the most out of your vaping experience, it is important to choose the right MOD, or method of delivery, that works for you. The factors to consider are varied and include such things as portability, desired intensity, reusability, and the kind of vaping you are interested in. Where regular nicotine cigarettes are pretty one size fits all, vaping allows you to choose how you enjoy the moment.  

How to vape

Once you have chosen a vape pen that suits you, you need to have all necessary e- accoutrements. These include the pen, your vape of choice, and an atomizer.  After the pen is properly assembled, filled, and turned on at a rate and pace that feels right, you are ready to vape!  Your pen should come with instructions that are wise to follow, especially in the beginning.

Why use e-liquids?

Why might one choose e-liquids over dry herbs, you ask? To start, the sheer number of flavors you can enjoy with e-liquids is almost incomparable to the other vaping products on the market.  Additionally, e-liquids do not give off the harsh, often intrusive smell of nicotine. And while smoking cigarettes is highly restricted in many public areas, e- liquids allow you to enjoy your vape almost anywhere.  Throw in the rebuildable atomizers that allow you to vape as much as you want and save some for later, and the  absence of the social stigma associated with nicotine cigarettes, and you keep racking up the “wins!”

Expression of individuality

In the same way that many enjoy a signature perfume or cologne, choosing the right  vape allows you to customize your e- scent.  Like buying a fine wine that has been aged to perfection after years of tending to the grapes, inserting them into the wine press, and storing the juices properly, making a personalized vaping liquid requires a similar level of artistry. Individualized scents create a distinguished identity.


If you are going to vape, then why not choose the option that is more pleasurable, less toxic, more socially acceptable, and smells better than nicotine cigarettes, hands down. Using a vape pen is pretty simple and the cost effectiveness of using them is hard to beat. Why not make your moment as rich and savory as you deserve?

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