Top 3 Springtime E-Liquid Flavors from Tasty Cloud Vape

At last, Spring really is in the air. As the weather warms up and the flowers bloom, our palates start to yearn for the fresh, invigorating flavors of the season. At Tasty Cloud Vape Co., you can find many different springtime-inspired vape juice flavors that help you celebrate this beloved time of year.

Below, you'll find our three favorite flavors for some springtime vaping:

Springtime E-Liquid #3: Dragonaire
On particularly hot spring days, we're all in search of something that will refresh us and eliminate our thirst. This is the perfect flavor for those days when you feel parched. This blend of crisp dragon fruit, smooth cantaloupe, candied watermelon and cold menthol will rejuvenate you from head to toe whenever you take a hit. Every inhale sends a river of smooth, crisp dragon fruit juice down your thirsty palate. Then, the delectably smooth taste of fresh, perfectly ripe cantaloupe joins the party, satisfying your thirst with its crisp and soothing taste. A whack of candied watermelon adds sweetness before chilly menthol cools you off on the exhale. 

Springtime E-Liquid #2: The Goods
A tasty smoothie-inspired flavor that combines creamy, sugary bananas with juicy, bright red strawberries. This luxurious flavor will soothe and refresh you with fruity tastes that we crave during the warm spring months. Every puff is full of exquisite, clean flavor. When you inhale, you'll enjoy a spritz of tangy, slightly tart strawberry juice that makes your palate quiver. Then, the strawberry juice travels across the mouth, refreshing you with its smooth taste. The natural sweetness of the strawberry flavor starts to come through as a stream of creamy, sweet banana flavor emerges on the tongue. Each exhale is delightfully creamy. 

Springtime E-Liquid #1: Milky Shake
If you're ready to indulge in some ice cream now that the weather is warm, Milky Shake is what you need. This e-liquid combines rich, tangy strawberry ice cream with cold, creamy milk to deliver the most satisfying milkshake flavor on the planet. With each inhale, the tang from fresh strawberries is instantly apparent. The sweetness of the strawberry slowly takes over as the creaminess and richness of the ice cream intoxicates you. When you exhale, the smooth milk washes away your troubles. 

Grab These Springtime Vape Flavors Today!
If you want to celebrate the springtime weather while you vape, these e-juices from Tasty Cloud Vape Co. are what you need in your collection.

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