It's World No Tobacco Day! Are you tobacco-free or trying to be?

It's World No Tobacco Day, and for a lot of vapers, that day can feel pretty meaningful. Vaping has provided a way for a lot of people to wean themselves off of cigarettes and reduce the harmful habit of smoking. While the research is still being done for vaping as a smoking cessation device, we know that many of our customers have successfully quit the habit.

To celebrate, we've collected stories from those willing to share about how they've used vaping to say NO to tobacco! We hope you enjoy these as much as our team did (a lot of us definitely identified with these stories, and we think you will too).

Stories have been slightly edited for typos :) 

How has vaping helped you?

Vaping has and will keep me from those nasty smelly cigs. I started with a iStick 20 watt tube mod, and enjoy my vape. Vape, don't smoke! - Alan


I went to a smoke shop to look into e-cigarettes. I did not know it yet, but I found a way around getting your lungs filled with tar and all the other bullshit in those nasty cigs. I have not smoked a cigarette in over 4 years, maybe longer. I got my mother to stop smoking and she had been a smoker for over 35 years. If you're tired of about almost dying when you wake up in the morning, or tired from waking up in the middle of the night, hacking up your lungs, then you need to quit smoking cigarettes. My best tip to succeed is it's all in the e-juice. One must find that one flavor that you just love till the world stops, mine is The Goods. Also, I found that if you just look at your e-cig and tell yourself this is my cigarette now over and over, at least that helped me. One last pointer: buy a good mod. Do some research on it and make sure you get a e-cigarette that will provide what your vaping needs are now and in the future. I hope my story can help just one person quit smoking cigarettes. Together we can kill Big Tobacco. - Chris


I was a 1+ pack a day smoker for 12 years. I tried the nicotine gum and medication, and still could not kick the habit. I watched my own father battle a collapsed lung, due to almost 50 years of smoking, and begged him to quit. I thought by quitting myself that it would encourage him to stop. So, in June 2014, on my way to work, I told myself that this would be my last cigarette. My younger brother had just recently started a job at a local vape shop, and got me set up with a starter kit. Like anyone starting vaping, I tried multiple brands and flavors at first. I found Fixx-E Liquid on an online retailer site, and purchased a bottle of Milky Shake to try. I loved the flavor, and was hooked immediately. I could notice the physical benefits of quitting within two weeks. I was not out of breath when walking up steps anymore, not to mention my sense of smell felt like that of superhuman strength. Working in customer service for almost 20 years, I would make concerted efforts to mask the smell of cigarettes on my breath and clothes when speaking with customers and colleagues. I can now easily sniff out a smoker, and can't believe how nauseating the smell can be. Its hard to imagine smelling like that all the time, and it says a lot about my wife for dealing it with it for 11 out of those 12 years. Im proud to say that I have been cigarette-free since Father's Day of June 2014, and Milky Shake is my delicious go-to alternative! - Ryan


I started vaping in July of 2016 because I was smoking up to a pack of cigarettes a day and started feeling awful. My chest hurt all the time and I was short of breath....needless to say I haven't smoked another cigarette since I stated vaping. I feel great and I don't stink anymore ✌ - Jenna


Well it started June 16th,2016. I went to my local vape shop and got some good info on products to try. And after I bought a starter kit and some juice it was on. For the first week I was vaping and smoking, thinking it was going to be hard. After a week, I had a half pack of smokes that just sat there for whenever the urge hit.... well, it never hit and after 2 weeks, I decided to throw them out. I've been vaping for almost a year now and have no desire to go back. I can taste things better, smell better, breathe better, and I smell better. I've been happy and healthy thanks to vaping. One advice for all looking to quit smokes... find a good flavor juice you like and you will be golden. For me, it's been Spinnabun. Can't get enough of that stuff! - Brian


It helped me quit smoking. - William


Vaping helped me quit a 15 year stretch of smoking cigarettes. Unlike cigs, there are 100's of ejuice flavors out there so I immediately switched to the transition of vaping rather quickly. I no longer stink of musty tar, my fingers are not yellow, I can climb a flight of stairs without passing out, my sense of smell and taste has come back and my doctor is happy with the fact I no longer wheeze when he does a check up! Thanks for listening. - J.R.


Ok, here it is-

I'm a 47 year old father of three boys.  Three Christmases back, my eldest gave me a gift card to one of the local vape shops here.. I was smoking two+ packs a day of full flavor Parliament. It had been that way for most of 30 years. He just wanted me to quit.. My wife quit with no help 9 years ago so I was hearing it from her as well. It took a couple months, but I finally decided to use the gift card to buy a starter kit.. I was turned on to Stay Gold at that time as well.. (18 mg.. can't even imagine something that harsh now..). I smoked every cigarette I had left- every stashed pack, every left over single in my car, truck, garage.. and anywhere else I had them hidden and started vaping. That was March 21st 2015. I haven't had so much as a drag of an analog cigarette since. I found out quickly that everything they say about being able to taste and smell.. being able to suddenly breathe right and restored energy is 100% true. It all came back a lot quicker than I expected as well. I do commercial construction in the HVAC field for a living so I'm up and down ladders and scaffolding all the time. I used to carry equipment and tools up ladders and have to rest whenever I got a chance to catch my breath or slow down my heart beat.. those days are gone. It takes a lot more to knock me down now.


So, yeah, I can say that vaping definitely changed my life. I use 3mg or 0mg depending on the flavor these days. I still take some shit for it every now and then but it's all good. I'll never go back to smoking again. - Phil


After years of wanting to stop smoking, my mother introduced me to vaping. At first I was worried it would be like all the other things I had tried, but within 10mins, I realized it was different. This time it might just work. After 2weeks I was completely off cigarettes. It's been one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel healthier, look healthier, smell better and have way more energy. I'm able to do the things I want with out getting out of breath. It's a great feeling being smoke free. - Heather


My husband and i agreed to quit smoking together in 2014. We picked up vaping and we haven't looked back since. I'm able to breathe again, I don't smell, and, best of all, i have a healthy beautiful 1 year old daughter that I get to enjoy watching grow into a beautiful young woman some day. - Chelsi


The stupidest thing I ever have done was starting smoking over thirty years ago. I have wanted off tobacco nearly that whole time and have tried all the standard methods without luck. One day I bought an e-cig and I never wanted another cigarette since. Vaping is what smoking wants to be. It is far more gratifying and it will not kill me slowly and horribly like tobacco would have eventually. Ive taken a lot of damage from cigarettes but at least that has been arrested. I wish vaping was there a long time ago, it may well have saved my life. - Steve


I smoked 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day for over 40 years. I tried everything to quit; hypnosis, patches, gums, Wellbutrin and Chantix. Chantix was the only thing that helped but it turned out I was horribly allergic to it. I have to credit my son Tony for getting me into vaping. He bought me my first set up and explained how to gradually reduce the nicotine level so I didn't suffer from withdrawal and all the emotional and physical symptoms it causes. When I told my doctor I stopped smoking cigarettes and started vaping, she was ecstatic. She told me she honestly believed I would never quit. I feel so much better, breathe easier and have not had an upper respiratory infection in the three years I've been vaping. Thanks for offering such great products. - Deb


I stopped because my parents didn't like me smoking cigarettes, and so my now ex-boyfriend, got us both mods. I'm very picky apparently with vape juices. I had been using it steadily, not smoking but then I stopped. My NOW boyfriend, who btw is better, went to a vape shop because I missed vaping. We both got mods, tanks, and juice. For the longest time I failed to find a forever juice that was good for me. Until I found Blueberry Bliss by The Cakery. I fell in love and I've been vaping ever since my boyfriend and I got mods. - Tina


I've smoked since the age of remembrance, it was the cool thing to do and cigarettes cost less than lunch money for school, they also allowed kids to purchase cigarettes back then. My habit was at least a pack a day for over 35+ years. I quit three times in my life, when I was pregnant with my two boys and another time to try to break the cycle. My father passed from COPD, my mother never smoked, my husband hated it, my children begged me to stop. I enjoyed smoking, it was like an old faithful friend for every mood or situation, it was the fixer. I was hospitalized for asthma, chronic bronchitis and then the turning point. I was in chronic respiratory failure and had to be on a ventilator to sleep at night. My coughs were the poster child of the anti-tobacco campaigns, shortness of breath kept me from activities I used to enjoy. Weight started to pile on as my activity level became almost non-existent. I was 44 years old and if I continued the path I was on, I wouldn't see 50. My pulmonary specialist, family physician and neurologist all agreed, it was time to quit. My pulmonary specialist is one of the best in my state and he was actually the one who suggested that I look into vaping. They gave me a quit plan. Smoke one cigarette when you wake up, one after you eat, one before bed and other than that only on the top of the hour. I could smoke if it was 10am, but not at 10:05, if it wasn't the top of the hour, then I missed my chance. He assured me the desire to smoke only lasts 3 minutes, if I could make it through those 3 minute cravings, this plan would work. I also had to make it inconvenient to smoke and could only smoke in certain places, BUT according to this plan... I could vape anytime I wanted, anywhere I wanted, as much as I wanted. I smoked my last cigarette on the morning of September 1, 2016 and have not had a cigarette since. My cough is gone, my lungs are clear, I was the only one in the family NOT to catch a cold this year. My nicotine level has decreased over time and my lung capacity is almost the same as a nonsmoker. Road trips are fun, no pulling over to smoke a cigarette now. No more sitting outside by myself missing out on family and activities inside because I had to have a cigarette. I no longer stink and to hear my husband nuzzle my neck and tell me I smell amazing makes it all worth it and more. I enjoy perfumes now, for enjoyment, not to mask my cigarette habit. I love the different flavors, I recommend vaping to people who say they wish they could quit. Now is the time, forget harmful drugs, patches, pills, gum, hypnosis etc. Just vape. It's the best tool ever created and has far far less harmful hundreds of carcinogens than a cigarette does. No tar, no staining the walls of your house, no smoke damage to you car, just vape. Thank you tasty cloud for my most favorite flavor Skyline. I hope to never let big tobacco control my life again. I'm glad I met you. - Delaine


My husband and I both smoked cigarettes for 15+ years. We stayed sick and coughing constantly! We both work as marine electricians and one day I finally had enough of being out of breath climbing on the ships at work. We went to an amazing vape shop called Salty Dog in Houma, LA on Dec. 12, 2014. The staff there helped us choose set ups and flavors that were perfect for each of us. I am proud to say that was the last day we smoked a cigarette and I cannot begin to describe how much better our health is and how awesome we feel (and smell) now!! - Heather

I was out having a cigarette with a friend of mine and we both had smoked for many years and he ended up having a heart attack. He did not die thankfully but he had that heart attack so I decided I was going to quit smoking because I didn't want to be the next casualty. So I quit smoking, my husband decided to quit smoking with me, and so did my father. About six years ago my mother passed away from lung cancer and in November my husband died of lung cancer. I'm still smoke free. I can't take back any of those cigarettes that I've smoked but I can eliminate that going forward because of vaping I was able to quit. I've tried Chantix, hypnotism, cold turkey, the patch, and gum, anything that I can try. Nothing ever worked for me until I started vaping. So that is my story and that is why I will continue being smoke free. - Michelle


I quit smoking 13 months ago. Thanks to vaping, it was no problem quitting.  Thanks a lot and keep on, vape on!!!! - James


I started smoking cigarettes when I was about 14. I got to going through a pack every two days. I had tried the e cigarettes and little pens in the past but knew nothing about them and didn't really enjoy them so it never helped. I finally got introduced to mods and such when I was 18 and my small town got its first vape shop. I bought my first one after learning everything I could from the manager working there. At first it was hard of course but I had decided that I would only smoke one cigarette a day after work. By the end of the week I didn't even want the cigarette anymore because I had been vaping in place and the cigarette didn't sound appealing anymore. Ever since then I've been vaping and I'm so glad. I never smell like smoke anymore, I smell like my vape and haven't had any complaints since. I also just feel better overall. I'd also like to just say that I've been vaping Fixx-e's Milky Shake for a year a half now non stop. I am to the point I refuse to vape anything else! Such a yummy flavor. ❤❤❤ - Hailee

I have four little girls and that is why #WHYIVAPE. I've been cigarette-free now for 17 months! I bought a mod one night and some juice instead of a carton of cigarettes and have never looked back - Jeff


My name is Chris and I have been vaping for 6 months. I use to smoke a pack per day and now I strictly vape! - Chris


My daughter was born back in 2013. When she was only 8 months old her father, my husband got into a motorcycle accident he was in the hospital for 9 days, had reconstruction on his right leg and road rash all on his left side. After he came home it was constant care on my part and although if I needed to would do it all over again. But at the time I needed a relief, so I went to smoking cigars. After a year or so I no longer wanted to smoke knowing I have my daughter and I want to be in her life for as long as possible so my husband went and bought me a vape and it has helped me quite the habit of smoking cigars and I feel healthier and happier. - Jamie


2 1/2 years ago I was able to quit smoking with the help of my vaporizer. A life changing event and I immediately felt better. Still vaping as of today. Good juice is a key to being able to quit. Every chance I get to help smokers quit I do with the knowledge I have and it has worked with several. - Clint


16 months ago, I couldn't make it up the stairs without feeling like my lungs were going to stop working totally. They felt like they were full of glue! I bought a vape and purchased my first bottle of Tasty Cloud juice. Have not picked up 1 cig since. I've lowered the nic level and changed flavors but I am so much happier.....and I can breath!!! - Claire Vaping has changed my life in the most positive way. I've also help a handful of friends switch to vaping as well. I love waking up in the morning being able to breath. - Jeremy


I started vaping in the summer of 2013. After struggling between going back and forth from cigarettes I finally switched completely to vaping in the fall of 2013 when more technology came out. I initially started with the disposable pens until I found a tank and pen. I tried various flavors which were never satisfying until I found The Goods by Tasty Cloud. I have not had a cigarette in over three years and 98% of that time I have only vaped The Goods. I no longer cough or use an inhaler. I rarely get sick throughout the year and I believe this is due to vaping. Vape on and thanks for The Goods! - Jared

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