Favorite Spring Vapes!

We've had a memorable winter here in southern California, with record-breaking rains that brought us straight out of the drought, thanks to a weak La Niña. Team Tasty Cloud has been enjoying those rich vapes best in winter -- comforting tastes and smells from baked goods, creams, and dessert profiles. But as the temperature warms up, so do our palates: after all, what's more refreshing on a warm spring day than the tart and bright flavors of fruit?

As of writing this post, the temperature outside is 82°F; in our office, it's nearly 80°F. Everyone here at Team Tasty Cloud has their individual favorites, so we decided to share our top personal picks with you!

Here's what we're vaping:

5. Lemon Cheesecrank, Fixx-E Liquid

Okay, maybe we're not giving up all our creamy notes just yet. But this particular offering from Fixx-E Liquid, one of our bestsellers, is hard to let go. Lemon Cheesecrank opens up with an unmistakably creamy, rich cheesecake slice. The mouthfeel of this vape feels very good on the tongue. However, in case you're worried about this feeling too heavy in warm spring and summer temperatures, that sharp and sweet lemon drizzle cuts through the base to perk up your tastebuds.

Just like cooking, creating quality eliquid rests on combining flavors expertly; whenever there is something rich, creamy, fatty, you want a bit of brightness in the form of acid to keep it from being overwhelming.

Lemon Cheesecrank finishes on a graham cracker crust which really shines at mellow low temperatures. If you're after that lemon drizzle, we recommend a higher wattage to help bring it out.

Fixx-E Liquid's Lemon Cheesecrank is a 75/25 blend, available in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml sizes here.

4. Milky Shake, Fixx-E Liquid

If you've been purchasing from us for a long time, chances are you know about Fixx-E Liquid's Milky Shake, our current bestseller. Milky Shake always dominates our favorites list. Not many people can resist the classic strawberries-and-cream profile, least of all Team Tasty Cloud!

Although a touch more decadent than Lemon Cheesecrank -- our strawberry is fresh and ripe, but not 'bright' the same way lemon is -- Milky Shake is a perfectly balanced strawberry milkshake, one of our favorite warm weather treats. It's great for the winter-to-spring transition, being both fruity and creamy.

Even with the seemingly simple profile, the recipe we use is quite complex to replicate it to our tastes: juicy, just-picked strawberries, blended with a creamy vanilla ice cream. This is a consistent, dependable vape, made for the all day vaper in mind so that your tongue never gets overwhelmed, and you can enjoy Milky Shake every day, all times of the year.

Fixx-E Liquid's Milky Shake is a 75/25 blend, available in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml sizes here.

3. Dragonaire, Tasty Cloud High VG

When it's hot outside, our minds tend to naturally gravitate towards cooling sensations, and what better vape than a menthol vape? While menthol can be a polarizing element for many vapers -- people tend to either love it or hate it -- we formulated Dragonaire as a crossover hit for both menthol-lovers and menthol-avoiders. And it's been pretty successful: Dragonaire is one of our bestsellers, second only to Fixx-E Liquid's Milky Shake.

This complex bouquet of fruit is complemented by the chilly menthol. Dragonaire features sweet cantaloupe and watermelon, as well as dragonfruit, which is where it gets its name. If you've never had dragonfruit, the closest taste is a "white" kiwifruit, much more subtle than kiwi and with a slightly sweeter quality. These juicy fruits are just as refreshing in a vape as they would be in real life. We're especially careful about the balance of our menthol, as we know it can easily get too overwhelming. Our menthol amount was calculated with the express intention of making it just enough. The numbers speak for themselves -- this is the fruity menthol vape made for everyone in mind.

Tasty Cloud High VG's Dragonaire is a 70/30 blend, available in 60ml bottles here.

2. Berry Lime Sublime, Vapesicles

Of course we had to include a profile from Vapesicles! An eliquid line based on fruity popsicles, it's an absolute no-brainer for spring and summer. In particular, Berry Lime Sublime has us buzzing with its complex blend of sweet and tart. Some of Team Tasty Cloud even find it comparable to a virgin strawberry margarita.

We've always been rather secretive about the special blend of flavors unique to Berry Lime Sublime. Although it's no problem to point out the strawberry and lime as the brightest and strongest flavors, that third mysterious component is what keeps people coming back for more. By keeping the other strong flavors in balance, Berry Lime Sublime is interesting and complex, not forgettable.

Vapesicle's Berry Lime Sublime is available in 30ml or 60ml sizes here.

1. The Goods, Tasty Cloud High VG

For us, sunny skies means a well-steeped bottle of The Goods must be in hand. What could be more refreshingly crisp and tasty than a strawberry-banana smoothie? This flavor profile goes all the way back to the original 50/50 line, Tasty Cloud Classic, but in keeping up with the industry, we've tweaked it and revamped it into a high-VG version promised to please. There's nothing complicated or overwrought about The Goods. It's just good juice. Really, e-liquid is not about how complex you can make your recipe -- sometimes it's just about making something that tastes good. Sweet bananas -- not banana taffy, but ripe banana -- and delicious strawberries blended together isn't a groundbreaking combination, until you've had The Goods, which tastes so true-to-life, we have a hard time believing we're vaping.

The smoothness comes from the bananas, and it what makes this so good. Rather than overloading your tongue with something too rich, the naturally creamy quality of the banana just brings the strawberries into careful balance. It's good, hence the name, and that's why it's our number one pick.

Tasty Cloud High VG's The Goods is available in 60ml bottles here. 

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