Vacation Package
Bango Tango
Berry Lime Sublime
Orange Cream Supreme


Vacation Package

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($65.97 value!) Savor the fruity flavors of summer with three select offerings from Vapesicles, our 70/30 line themed around everyone's favorite summertime treats. Don't worry, they're delicious all year round! Each 30ml bottle comes in an eye-catching box to keep your juice safe and sound.

You will receive one 30ml bottle of each flavor:

Bango Tango: Need a vacation? Maybe you can't make the trip to island paradise but your tastebuds definitely can! Tropical Philippine mango and banana will help you kick back and relax so you can reach delicious fruit nirvana. White sand beaches not included.

Berry Lime Sublime: Who doesn't love a little sour with their sweet? Juicy strawberries, a kick of lime, and a twist of a little something special brings this sublime combo of flavors to another level. So good you'll be coming back for more.

Orange Cream Supreme: A sunshine-filled combo of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream that reigns supreme over all the others. Creamy, delicious, and oh so satisfying!
    • Available in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg.