Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Fixx-E - Peach Cruiser
Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Fixx-E - Peach Cruiser

Peach Cruiser - 60ml

Fixx-E Liquid - Peach Cruiser

Peach Cruiser from our Fixx E-Liquid line is the perfect treat for the hot afternoons of summer. Ripe, juicy peach slices are folded into the richest, creamiest yogurt on the planet.

With each inhale, the tang of perfectly ripe peaches strikes your palate right away. The juiciness of the peaches trickles down the tongue to kill your thirst. Meanwhile, the tangy yogurt taste crawls over the tongue. When you exhale, you'll taste the sublime sweetness of the peaches as the yogurt's creaminess settles into the tongue.

With a 75/25 VG/PG base, you can be sure to create some awesome fog production.

Every puff is like taking a time-out from your busy day to enjoy something special.

Manufactured by: Tasty Cloud Vape Co. Premium Vapor Juice - Los Angeles
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