Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Vapsicle - Bango Tango
Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Vapsicle - Bango Tango

Bango Tango - 60ml

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Vapesicles - Bango Tango

Bango Tango from the Vapesicles collection is the flavor that you need if you frequently find yourself dreaming of beautiful beaches on islands that are far away from home. This blend of succulent mangoes and creamy bananas will transport your taste buds to paradise. Each hit quenches the thirst and soothes the soul. 
Every inhale teases you with the sharp tang of juicy, ripe mangoes. The mango flavor becomes richer and sweeter as its sticky nectar drips along the palate. Then, a blast of smooth, creamy banana flavor emerges, adding extra sweetness. When you exhale, you'll feel refreshed while your sweet tooth enjoys the naturally sweet taste that this blend of tropical fruits has to offer.
The 70/30 VG/PG blend will give you those impressive vape clouds that you desire.
True vaping paradise is only a hit away when you vape Bango Tango e-liquid.

Manufactured by: Tasty Cloud Vape Co. Premium Vapor Juice - Los Angeles