Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Tasty Cloud Classic - Skyline
Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Tasty Cloud Classic - Skyline

Skyline - Classic - 120ml

Tasty Cloud Classic - Skyline

Skyline from the Tasty Cloud Classic collection takes an iconic dessert to the next level by encasing a pineapple upside-down cake in a crunchy crust that's made with hazelnuts and coconut flakes. This tropical treat is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you savor the variety of mouth-watering flavors that pass over the taste buds.

As you inhale, the succulent pineapple slices please you right away. The sugary, buttery rum sauce and the tasty cake base enchant your taste buds as the flavor continues to develop on the tongue. When you exhale, you'll taste an unforgettable blend of sugary coconut flakes and rich, savory hazelnuts.

With an even blend, you’ll be able to get some nice and smooth throat hits during each vape session.

Manufactured by: Tasty Cloud Vape Co. Premium Vapor Juice - Los Angeles
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