Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Fixx-E - Lemon Cheesecrank
Tasty Cloud Vape Co - Fixx-E - Lemon Cheesecrank

Lemon Cheesecrank - 120ml

Fixx-E Liquid - Lemon Cheesecrank

Lemon Cheesecrank from our Fixx- E Liquid line provides you with the decadent experience of biting into a rich and creamy cheesecake without any of the calories. The velvety cream cheese base is beautifully complemented by a zesty and sugary lemon drizzle and a buttery crust made with bits of graham cracker cookies. 

When you inhale, you'll enjoy the tart taste of that lemon syrup. Then, the mouth-watering tang of rich cream cheese glides over your palate. The cheesecake base becomes creamier and sweeter as the graham cracker crust unveils notes of butter and cinnamon. On the exhale, sugary sweetness from the lemon drizzle lingers.

The 75/25 VG/PG base allows you to create some nice-sized vape clouds, accompanied by a solid throat hit.

Manufactured by: Tasty Cloud Vape Co. Premium Vapor Juice - Los Angeles
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